• About Goddex Sombra

    "How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole"

    C.G. Jung


    Boston Dominatrix, Rope Bondage Mistress, Lover of Kinbaku, Shibari, Rope Suspensions and BDSM.

    I am a fetish Goddess, Boston Dominatrix and Sadist.

    I delight in my true self, my shadow and my light. I love to share this in My sessions. I use the title Goddess or Goddess, as I find it inspires the true divinity of Femininity Whether I am merciful and kind or swift to punish those who would disobey Me.



    I began my journey into the BDSM lifestyle promptly at 18 years old and have never looked back. I’ve always known I was different and have come to embrace my uniqueness. I am both deeply involved in the BDSM lifestyle and have educated at conventions as well as organized and hosted lifestyle Femdom events in Florida for many years.

    I am a 24/7 Goddess. A Woman is always a Goddess no matter their station. I believe in the power of all Women/Femme aligned folx and allowing them the freedom to decide where they find it. I find mine in Dominance, Female Led Relationships, and S & M. While sadistic and mischievous, I am a RACK kinkster. I do what I can to make sure things are as safe as possible, though I do engage in edge play and all play comes with a risk. So don’t be afraid... I never bite without consent.

    Location In Boston

    I session out of a luxurious and beautiful, discreet dungeon space conveniently located in Boston. There is ample bondage equipment, impact toys and anything we would need to dream up a fun scene!

    Location When Visiting South Florida

    I offer sessions in Mistress Michelle Lacy's dungeon when visiting Florida.I love Florida as a location, after growing up around the northeast... I grew tired of the snow! There is a lively fetish community in South Florida, which provides safe places for public play. Something which many people are curious about but afraid to try because of the risk of their privacy. I empathize and completely understand the need for privacy, for those looking to try public play and humiliation South Florida offers an array of fetish parties where you can have the feel with all of the anonymity you desire.

    Beyond public play it's a delightful place to live, warm, tropical and full of kinksters.

    My Kinks

    I have many kinks so I will simply speak about my favorites.If you don’t see yours listed simply ask.




    First and foremost, I am a Sadist. It doesn’t mean that you must be a masochist to play with Me. However, it does mean that I take great pleasure and delight in those who have consented to My pain games.


    I learned about impact play when I first entered the BDSM lifestyle, taking classes and learning from Mistresses and Masters who worked for a local fetish party when I was in college. I was fascinated by the way the owner of the small dungeon within this party threw his floggers. Soon after I would ask him to teach Me how to Florentine and it was off to the races from there. I was moved and so interested in every swing and fall and watching his bottoms react to the gentle caress of the leather or a harsh sting from a stronger blow.


    Later on I discovered caning, and now I’m often seen with a quiver of canes slung behind Me at any play party. I love them for many reasons, for one there’s a huge response as caning can be quite painful. I’ve been known to tap people’s feet and mark people’s bums up with precise strikes. Of course, I can cane lightly and I also have many other toys at My disposal which are less harsh and won’t leave marks. Secondly, it is always what I saw in images when I first saw rope bondage and to Me, the two go hand and hand. Not to mention, they’re the perfect tool when someone is covered in rope.


    I also greatly enjoy electrostimulation using either My violet wand or tens unit. I love that it can vary from a light tickle to an intense sting, I love the way the violet wand looks as if dances off a submissives skin and how they twitch in delight with each electrical kiss.




    Rope Bondage and Rope Suspensions




    My biggest love. Rope.


    I offer a unique experience as a South Florida Dominatrix who practices both extensive rope bondage and rope suspensions.


    My bondage sessions are a culmination of the skills I have learned and the connection I have with my bottoms through my ropes. Rope bondage has the uncanny ability to be painful or soft, sensual or quite cruel.


    I first took an interest in Shibari and Kinbaku when I was 19, introduced to it by a close friend of Mine.


    You will love its versatility. There’s nothing quite like being wrapped up in rope, and suspended, leaving you helpless and at My mercy.


    In the air or on the ground. Putting you in stress positions and using hot wax on your body. You wince in pain and smile in delight.


    Every moment in a rope scene can be used to connect with you. Rope is an extension of Myself passing around you. Every friction, every tie sealing your fate and merging you into My energy and heart.

    Leaving you fully surrendered and vulnerable, allowing Me to guide you and pick up the pieces afterward. Cherishing you and your submission.



    Domestic Servitude & Slave Training


    Beyond impact play, I also have a lot of fun with domestic servitude and slave training. I love the role of demanding Goddess or harsh strict Mistress. While I do not use the title Mistress in my name, it is still very much a part of who I am and what I like.


    I simply love to have men clean and learn each slave task/position at a blip of a hand motion.


    My slave training sessions are much more intensive compared to my time with fetishists or submissives. I am strict, have high expectations and will watch to make sure that those expectations are met.


    I will be domineering, picky and quick to correct your mistakes. Anyone who wishes to serve as My slave in a session will be trained to My liking for however long I am with them.

    I have no use- for useless slaves.



    The requirement is that no matter how you identify that you will submit happily and humbly and show Me the respect I’m deserving of.

    You may just want to worship My beautiful feet or help by polishing My many pairs of boots. Perhaps you are dying to be My human ashtray.

    I enjoy working with fetishists, exploiting their hidden desires to have my way.

    Things I Do not Do. Period.

    I will not under any circumstances engage in the following acts - ass worship, pussy worship, sex, handjobs or anything of a sexual nature.


    I offer an intensive time with a true Dominant Goddess. I am not here to serve you, I am allowing you the privilege of serving Me and that should be enough.

    Again, I do not engage in any sexual acts.


    If you see Me you are there to serve Me. Men always serve in My world, I provide them with a safe space for them to explore their kinks and their submissive selves. I’m a facilitator and navigator. I find great joy in helping people find themselves through submission to Me.

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