• All About Servitude

    My views on Dominance and Submission within the Femdom dynamic

    Serving me requires your active and enthusiastic submission

    What does this all mean?

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    the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

    Femdom and FLR

    Female dominance (FEMDOM) is a BDSM scene or relationship in which a female is the Dominant partner, or Top partner.

    FLR or Female Led Relationships typically refer to Femdom relationships as a lifestyle choice.

    You will often see that I discuss FLR on social media, because I am a lifestyle Domina I do not accept any relationship whether it be Mistress/slave or otherwise where I am not the Dominant partner and Top. I live this lifestyle 24/7 in both a personal and professional aspect. I am passionate about Female Dominance and Female Supremacy and feel it translates very well to my sessions. Women are exceptionally powerful and I enjoy men who truly know their place before a Dominant Woman.

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    Slave? What do you mean?

    A slave in the context of BDSM is an individual who fully submits to a Mistress or Master. The bottom (slave) in this scenario is subject to 24/7 protocols and directives from their Dominant partner


    I very much enjoy slave training. Whether it be directing a new slave with a whistle and hand signals or training them to clean, cook and live according to my standards.


    Slaves should seek to better the life of their Goddess when they are graced by My presence.


    A slave training session with Me is more in-depth, strict and focused on both domestic servitude as well as harsh punishments for your mistakes. It’s a glimpse into the life of a full time slave, one I happily provide as I believe all men will benefit from strict slave training. It will be a day of visual inspections, tasks to be completed, punishments administered for infractions and I never let a slave slip up unnoticed. If you are a slave who does not desire pain or marks, I have many other creative ways to punish you and encourage you.

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    Do I have to be a slave to serve You, Goddess?


    I am also willing to accept submissives, I know that not everyone is seeking strict slave training. However, when you are in My presence you will show Me respect and submission.


    I also greatly enjoy working with fetishists, luring them down the rabbit hole of their obsessions and using it to make them weak and at my beck and call.

    I have a particular fondness for allowing gentlemen with a foot fetish the honor of massaging my prefect feet. I will never forget the first time I learned how powerful my feet and femininity were at the young age of 19 when someone begged to be allowed the privilege of giving me a foot massage.

    I also greatly enjoy smoking fetishists and human ashtrays, masochists whether or not they are a submissive- I’m always excited for a good beat down session but am able to know who can handle these types of sessions.

    Regardless of your flavor of kink,

    You will submit to Me and respect my authority in our sessions. Do not forget your place before me if W/we have a session together.


    Interested in serving me?

    Visit the “Book a Session” Tab


    The Seven Basic Rules

    to Serve Goddex Sombra

    1. Appropriately refer to Me with my title, Goddess.
    2. Accept My Guidance and Control.
    3. Approach Me with humility and respect.
    4. Serve Cheerfully
    5. Communicate Clearly and Directly.
    6. Be willing and open minded to the process of submission.
    7. What Goddess wants, Goddess gets.
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