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30 days of D/s What Titles and Labels Do You Prefer?

· 30 Days of Ds

Obviously it can be discerned from my website and social media that I typically use the title Goddess.

The reason for this is that initially I felt that Mistress was not something that resonated. However, when I play and a scenario that calls for it I do enjoy the title Mistress but it is not what I prefer to call myself in day to day D/s dynamics.

I feel that Goddess involves the divinity within women. Which for me and in a Femdom dynamic is very important.

While mere fantasy for some female supremacy is an important theme and fetish within Femdom play.

When first becoming a Dominatrix Mistress felt like a title akin to Master and I felt that even though I had 10 years experience in BDSM that I was still too young to call myself Mistress.

Funnily enough now, I have had people call me Goddess, Mistress, and even Daddy at times!

Some people are really bothered by being addressed by the incorrect title and so I would encourage people to call others by their chosen title just doesn’t seem to bother me that much.

More important than the title I am addressed by is the recognition that I am the Dominant and they are the submissive I am not only a Top I identify as a Dominant.

I am a sadist, a Goddess and someone who feels very attuned to those titles.

However, if I have a submissive who feels that they must address me by Mistress, or perhaps the scene is one that calls for strict corporal punishment and the title Mistress helps them to reach their submissive space then it doesn’t bother me in the least to use the title of Mistress.

I do hope, that this does not make me come across as flippant.

It is just that I really do not mind the title so long as the dominance is respected within the context of a scene.

When it comes to slaves even more so I find Goddess and Mistress to be interchangeable.

I know that this is not true for everybody this is only how I feel about titles but I hope that that helps to offer some insight.

As long as I am addressed with respect by those who have chosen to submit to me, then I am typically satisfied with those titles.

The titles for me seems to change within the relationships I am in. It really seems to depend upon what resonates with me and the person I am in a power exchange with in that moment in time. I am perfectly OK with that.

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