• Book A Session

    How to book a session, my booking procedures and information about my sessions. Read closely as my rates have changed.



    Available for sessions in Boston in the next couple weeks! Keep your eye on my twitter @GoddexSombra for more updates

  • Booking ProTOCOL

    How to book a session with Boston Dominatrix, Goddex Sombra



    Send an email to sombra1313@protonmail.com and answer the following

    • What are you basic session interests/ Fetishes ? List any- I have many interests not in my about me including medical and toilet play.Rates are higher for these sessions.
    • What are you hard limits or medical limitations if any ?
    • List any references (It’s okay if you’re new!)
    • What is you availability ? I am generally available weekdays and prefer mornings to early evening.
    • How long of a session are you looking to book?
    I offer multi-hour and overnight sessions.


    You make a deposit for each hour of your session. Overnight sessions have a

    50% deposit and I may change deposits at my discretion. Deposits go towards your session tribute. Deposits are non-refundable and are required to book your session. I will not put you on my schedule without one.



    After deposit, I will provide you with my booking line to go over the details further. We will set up a time to talk. After that all you need to do is wait until your session date !

  • Double Domme Sessions

    I am now available for double Domme sessions with Goddess Deanna Storm. Tribute is 350/hr for each of us.

    About Goddess Deanna

    Goddess Deanna Storm is skilled Professional Dominatrix located in Boston, MA She gets a lot of joy from utilizing BDSM as a vehicle to guide others towards personal growth and self-understanding. “Even in early childhood My Female Superiority was notable. Dominance over male slaves has simply been a natural progression.”

  • Sessions


    Be my slave for an hours! 1500 (Boston area otherwise outcall rates will be adjusted)



    • 6 hour session at luxury Boston Dungeon (includes time to sleep)
    • Learn the same protocols as the slaves at Indomitus !
    • Strict TPE, chores, and time to pamper your Goddess
    • Have a small taste of what it is like to be my slave
    • Overnight confinement

    This is only for slave training

    It does not include a list of your fantasies, bondage scenarios or intense play.

    It is strictly for you to live out the evening as my slave.






    Must be discussed via email for pricing, starts at 2500/night. Can include heavy bondage, impact play, long term confinement, a whole evening of BDSM ending with you sleeping bound. This is a good choice for those new to longer scenes and those thinking of weekend Femdom events.



    • Rope Bondage
    • Heavy Bondage
    • Corporal Punishment
    • Slave Training
    • Medical Play
    • GS/Toilet Training
    • Humiliation & Degradation
    • CBT
    • Heavy impact scenes (whips, canes, floggers, paddles, you name it I love it)
    • Smoking
    • not listed? ask




  • BDSM Session FAQ

    What is your session tribute ?

    In-Call Sessions start at 450/hr two hours preferred for the best experience, especially with heavy bondage but I will take one hour sessions when booked in advanced

    I offer discounted rates for longer sessions at my discretion.


    Same day sessions start at 500/hr, if I do not have 24 hour notice it is a same day session.

    What won’t you do?

    I do not provide any sexual services or perform sexual acts. I do not allow body worship other than that of my feet. If it has the word “job” in it- I do not do it.I do not do anything considered illegal in this state.


    I offer an amazing and professional fetish experience in a safe environment.

    Mistress and Dominatrix Goddex Sombra on a BDSM pony cart

    Where is your dungeon located?

    I am sessioning out of a discrete, well equipped, luxury dungeon in Boston that is easily accessible by public transportation or car. 

    Do you offer outcall sessions ?

    Yes, on a limited basis either to clients I have seen before or those with good references.


    Outcall session tributes vary depending upon the distance I will need to travel but are generally 500/hr or more.


    You will also need to book an appropriate hotel or pay for me to book one to my liking.


    You will need to cover travel costs if I am

    traveling outside of the Boston area.


    I charge for the time I travel.


    Boston dominatrix smoking a cigarette for fetish play.

    Do you see women/couples ?

    Yes ! I am open to seeing women, or couples.


    In fact, I see clients of all gender identities and sexualities.


    I am LQBTQIA friendly, and myself identify as queer.

    Goddex Sombra standing in front of a cage for BDSM

    It looks like you are a REALLY sadistic Domme do I have to enjoy pain to see you?


    Yes Sadism, predicament bondage and impact play are my bread and butter - my personal fetishes.


    However, I get the most satisfaction making a session a success.


    You do not need to be a masochist to see me, some of my favorite sessions are solely focused on bondage, humiliation, foot worship or any number of activities that do not involve pain.



    Do you offer online sessions ?

    Yes! I offer online sessions, Skype sessions and long distance slave training . You can either call me on niteflirt/sextpanther and schedule an online session the same way you would schedule an in person session. Skype sessions are 200/hr .

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